What Type of Videos does my business need?

f you have read the article “Why any business should have a video” you already know how essential it is for your business to have a video or videos. But for those who are new to making videos for their business wonder what they really make videos of? Frankly, you can make videos for everything related to the business, your product, process, staff, infrastructure, management and the whole of it. Every video made connects the audience closer to you.

To start with you can refer to the main following types,

Brand Showcase

A Brand Video is a grand celebrity entry. Showcase your brand’s story, character, and foundation. It could contain a staff or customer testimonials for more emotional impact. A brand video is the best way to tell your story first hand and lay facts so that there are no preempted assumptions about it.

Explainer Video

An Explainer video does exactly what it is called, it Explains. An intricate looking manual can be easily replaced by an explainer video that shows how to use your product. It could also be a behind the scenes video that shows the hard work or process behind the product.


Promotional Videos convince your audience why they need your product and why they should choose you over others. They could be extravagant yet hold to the facts and give a message of your credibility.

NewsLetter Videos

NewsLetter Videos are a great way to generate additional interest in your company’s important announcements and promote upcoming events, press releases, and product launches. These videos could be regularly made and updated on your company’s social media sites, embedded in emails or sent as promotional updates to your subscribers. This is the best way to keep your customers engaged with you for a long term.

Thank you Videos

Making use of any festive occasions or big events, Thank you Videos are a great way to thank your customers and connect with them personally. Thank you, videos make the customers feel special and involved in your success.


It’s amazing how people love to watch videos. It’s a medium that consumers of today crave for. They will click on that little triangular play button any chance they get. So why not add more of the content they like to your blog to get them coming back for more?

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