What should my video look like?

You want to make a personal video or a video about your business but wondering where to start or what it should contain. Few simple tips to make a great video for beginners.

Introduce Yourself

Start by introducing yourself and why you do what you do.

Share the Details of What You Do

Try outlining quickly what you do for your customers. Ideas that explain the details of your product’s features or the different services you offer is a great way to provide more information and help your audience decide to buy.

Customer Testimonials

Get other people who love your product, service, or company on camera and tell why they love using your product! It’s so much more effective than hearing you blow your own horn.

Educate Your Audience

Share how you do what you do, or anything related to your business. If you are


you may share how to bake a cake or how to put an icing on it. This will help them build respect for and knowledge of your brand, which never hurts!

Show Off Your Culture

Customers want to know who they’re buying from, even if it is a subconscious inclination. So show off who you are. Show your working style, or quick chats with people on your team, or showing a simple

time lapse

video of your office for the day or even share events from your office helps a great deal.

Share Your Creation Story

Since ages people are curious beings and love to listen to stories. And they would love to listen to how your business was started. So make sure to share your story.

Show Your Production Process

Show some behind the scenes and the process that goes into the production of your product. It creates a sense of trust and credibility in your company and product.

Thank Your Customers

Last but not the least thank your customers for their support and let them know how essential and inspiration they are.

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