Mentorship Program – 2022-2023

When I started documentary filmmaking ten years ago,  I didn’t have any experience of the industry, I had a tough time figuring out the process of making good documentary films. Though I had a few friends help me on the way,  I wish I had a Mentor who would guide me on what’s the right process of finding good stories, filming and delivering them. Ultimately it took me a few years to crack the code but I figured It out.

Through this mentorship program I want to help people who are passionate about documentary filmmaking and want to make a difference in people’s lives with good, impactful and emotional stories.  Getting timely feedback is an essential part of filmmaking, and it is crucial to help you grow as a filmmaker. Receiving feedback and guidance on your work  is necessary in order to improve your project’s chances of getting noticed.  The Mentorship Programme will provide opportunity, guidance and resources to filmmakers as they develop their skills, networks and local industries in order to produce accomplished film narratives to be shared with their communities and audiences worldwide.

I would like to take 2 filmmakers to start with.

What can you expect from this program?

Time to time feedback, guidance, opportunity to work on the field with me, training etc.There are no fees for this program,  This program is free for passionate and genuine filmmakers.


You just need to fill up a form and share you work/reel with me. Without any reel/work to showcase it will be difficult for me to understand your interest and passion. The topics of documentaries will be more of natural history and human stories. If this excites you , please fill out the form before the last date.

All the best

Last Date to Submit the form – 30th Nov 2022